Hello world!

My name is Laure Cheurlin. I am a French citizen and became an expat in Playa del Carmen in 2008. I became a certified broker and I sell / rent properties right on the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya, with crystal blue water and white sand beach. So you might think I am at the beach every day while sipping a margarita…

My dream lifestyle in Playa del Carmen…

Well, it is not completely true. Let me explain to you where I live and what I do…

Where is Playa del Carmen ?

Playa del Carmen is a city located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is a popular tourist area in eastern Mexico, between Cancun and Tulum. Playa del Carmen features a wide array of tourist activities due to its geographical location in the Riviera Maya. It has also been the destination of PGA Tour golf tournaments and the set location for various television shows. The town has become one of the fastest to grow in population size in Mexico.

What is a certified broker ?

In 2016, I took over 100 hours of courses about real estate and property administration. My state certification was issued by SEDETUS (Secretaría de Desarrollo Territorial Urbano Sustentable), which is the only governmental organization that give credentials to real estate agents. In the past, the real estate market was not as regulated or organized. This meant that some wound up working with a realtor that was not as qualified or professional. Certified realtors are members of the SEDETUS and in good standing. So if you are looking for a real estate agent in the state of Quintana Roo, ask them for their credential (“matricula”).

What can I do for you ?

While you think I am at the beach all day, well I work hard to make your real estate dreams come true ! I specialize in:

  • Renting vacation homes;
  • Buying and selling real estate; and
  • Managing vacation rentals.

And I’ll give you an exceptional customer service.

What about this blog ?

On this blog I will go thru:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment in Mexico
  • What is a Mexico bank trust
  • Resale or presale – What you need to know
  • Finding the accommodation that better fits you
  • The best ways to prepare to put your house on the market
  • Why to hire a property manager company
  • Etc…

I hope you find all the answers to your questions about Real Estate in the Riviera Maya. You can always contact me at playadelcarmenproperties@hotmail.com if you have other questions.